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MASHUCAN Basic is an object relational client/server based framework for software developers that want to create any kind of a datenbase software application. The framework provides ready-made tools that can be applied by a developer when realizing a software. Following developement tools are already integrated:

Client/Server architecture
Object relational mapping
User and user group management
Access permissions
Data filtering
API for C++ and java
Data versioning
User defined server sind activities

For saving data MASHUCAN Basic uses relational databases. The following database management systems are supported:


A developer defines his data model on a GUI interface in MASHUCAN Basic in an object oriented form. The framework transfers the object oriented model in a relational model and saves it in the database. The object oriented model supports classes and class inheritance, primitive types (integer, double, string etc.) as well as association between classes.

Reading and writing user data takes place via the API. The framework transfers the data from or on changing to the database via the server skelexe that is acting as a middleware software and check the user permissions.

Furthermore the framework provides Qt based gui elements that can be used for showing as well as changing the data. Those are:

Tree view (based on QTreeView)
Table view (based on QTableView)
List view (based on QListView)
Object viiew (based on QWidget)

The user permissions are also automatically integrated in the gui elements, so that data with read permissions can be displayed or with write permission edited there.